Ishika Motwane


I lost 11 kilos and 5% body fat in the first 6 months and losing more. All this through keeping up with a fun filled schedule of  being a full time mum, and juggling various projects as a freelance photographer.

Vikramaditya Motwane

Film Director

I lost 8 kgs, 3 % body fat and dropped one shirt size in the first 6 months of the program.

Radhika Sawhney

Ad film Producer 

I lost 3kgs and 3% body fat in 3 months. I achieved this whilst holidaying in Europe, shooting 5 ad campaigns, enjoying family dinners, freshly baked breads, fine wines and cheese!

Sejal Shah

Filmmaker, Producer & Fitness Enthusiast 

I have been an  athlete and fitness enthusiast for over two decades but struggled with my weight and flexibility no matter what I did. With Eefa I lost 6 kilos and 7% body fat within 3 months!

Pooja Chawla Gandhi

Entrepreneur, Mother & Fitness Enthusiast

I lost 11kgs and 10% body fat in 1 year with Eefa! The psychology sessions really helped me achieve my goals! 

Suhag Bhatia

 Entrepreneur, Window Cleaner & Mother

In a year, I lost 13 kgs, most importantly 10% body fat. The transformation has not only been physical but also mental & emotional.

Alisha Kaisar

Designer, Blogger & Digital Head

Lost 12 kgs and reversed my PCOD symptoms  on The SuperBody 365.

Dr. Nupur Goyal 

 I lost 8.3 kgs in 11 months, consulting with Eefa. More importantly,  my knee pain disappeared, quality of sleep improved significantly, and I gained control of my PCOD and pre-diabetic condition.

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